Sage’s Scouting Report: Tyrese Maxey

Tyrese Maxey

By Dillon Sage

General Information:

Position: PG, SG, Small ball 3 

Height: 6′3″

Weight: 200 lbs.

Year: Freshman

College Team: Kentucky 

Home Town: Dallas, Texas

Site Rankings: Tankathon 18, ESPN 15, Bleacher Report 17

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Offensive Role

Strengths: Scheme versatile, a complimentary scorer, a creator who can finish well around the basket and shoot off the bounce.

Tyrese played at the University of Kentucky, where you are pigeon-holed into a specific role. So there may be additional skills he wasn’t able to show, especially in playmaking. 

Shooting: In Kentucky, he was the only real spacer in the offense, so teams game planned to stop Tyrese. He had a 3point shooting percentage of 29%, but he shot a much higher percentage on a much broader sample size in high school. So I believe in his shot. 

In this clip, we see Tyrese’s first game in the NCAA. He shows off that NBA range and confidence. 

Finishing: Loves going downhill at the basket. Tyrese can finish with either hand, has a wide array of finishing moves to get past, around, and through defenders. He uses floaters to score over shot blockers. Tyrese get to the line and finishes at 84%

Playmaking: He can make plays off the bounce. In transition, he is a playmaker when he goes downhill. In Pick and Roll, he denies the screen too much, so it is hard to tell if he’ll be a massive usage PnR player.

Defensive Role: Point of attack defender that can defend 1-3. Defensive playmaker when he has the freedom to make plays.  

On Ball Defense: Great hands, feet, hips, and balance allows him to hound the offensive player. If he can get stronger, be a consistent defensive playmaker. Tyrese didn’t force many turnovers in Kentucky, maybe a scheme or role issue. In High School, he would create two steals and a block a game in his senior season. 

Fit with the Trail Blazers: 

Tyrese is one of the most scheme versatile players in this draft. So he’ll be able to fit our four out scheme. The biggest issue for him would be having the full offensive creating responsibility but with this team that won’t be a problem. When Dame or CJ are on the floor, Tyrese will have the opportunity to attack off the catch and using his burst to get to the rim.

Cover photo via Adam Hunger/AP Photo

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