Future Friday: The Final Stretch

[00:00:00] Dustin: All right, everybody. Welcome to episode 300 of the holy backboard podcast. I am Dustin here in rip city and I got my man

[00:00:19] Dillon: say shilling live and direct 300 episodes is a, what a, what? An accomplishment like. Dude. We, we did it with like, no, no real fighting, no re no real drama. We just quietly produce episode after episode.

[00:00:36] And now we have come to a. Momentous occasion of 300 episodes. It is, it is awesome, man. And there’s so many people that, you know, have supported us along the way. So it is great. Uh, I’m really happy to be recording on this 300 episode, man. There’s so many people that you know, have helped us. So thank you.

[00:00:57] Thank you for.

[00:00:59] Dustin: Yeah, we’ve got [00:01:00] some, some OJI listeners from almost like day one, like a niece has been rocking with us for a long time. Long story longer has been rocking with us for a long time. Uh, she’s amazing. Uh, backstory. Uh, I worked with her when I used to live downtown. And I found out she was making sandwiches for, uh, the people in need.

[00:01:25] And I was like, how do I get involved? And, you know, I, I worked with her for a year or two doing that, delivering sandwiches every Thursday. Um, so just the, she, she made masks for me. Yes, that one to you as well. Uh, first mask that, that I was, you know, going to, going to where, you know, it was obviously blazer steam.

[00:01:46] So, um, just goes to show the type of person that she is. Uh, Kim Thrasher has been with us for a very long time. Uh, there, there’s just, there’s so many people to thank, uh, and that have been listening to [00:02:00] us. I mean, we get Facebook messages from people. In in Eastern Oregon saying, Hey, I love your podcast.

[00:02:05] I’m not on Twitter, but like keep doing what you’re doing. Um, it’s just, it’s, it’s incredible. Like, I can’t believe like the holy Blackboard brand started in 2009, but we didn’t really start podcasting, uh, together as a duo until 2015. So to think it’s been seven years. Pretty much weekly content. Like that’s we are now like in the upper echelon of long running, like sitcoms, basically.

[00:02:33] Like we. There,

[00:02:37] Dillon: we know we need syndication soon, man. And like, you know, I’m going to school for another thing. I’ve done broadcasting since 2009 and, uh, uh, smart, like 21 year old told me that was 13 years. So I’ve been doing this for 13 years and this is kind of like a celebratory thing, like 300 episodes.

[00:02:58] Insane. [00:03:00] So w let me shout out some people that have absolutely helped me along the way in these 13 years of doing this. Um, obviously my mom has to be number one, she’s been my ride or die. Um, but my first ever radio show, I had 30 minutes of dead air because they, they rushed me through the actual, uh, Onboarding process of becoming a DJ.

[00:03:27] And there was one person that actually listened to the entire thing. So after shout her out, shout out to collab, shout out to Corey, shout out to all these people that have rocked with me from aggressive hip hop to sports broadcasting throughout this entire fucking journey of stuff. So. You know, there’s so many people I want to shout out, but this isn’t, I mean, this is a thing for you and I to create, but it wasn’t just us.

[00:03:55] There was people that, you know, gave us support when we needed [00:04:00] it. So thank you to everybody who’s ever listened or you know, is going to listen. Cause this is the 300 episode. This is the one hell of a Nikon.

[00:04:09] Dustin: And we can’t forget teen mom,

[00:04:11] Dillon: Tara, Tara, Tara was there. It was one of the OGs too. Like I remember talking to her or like your one, you know, like all of these years have been like, kind of like jumbled together, like.

[00:04:27] You know what I, when I think of years past, I think of like blazers, additions, subtractions, like, oh, this is the year that we spent all that money on Evan Turner. This is all the year that we, uh, we, uh, drafted Zach Collins like that. That’s, that’s crazy to think about blazers, things that we covered as actual dates and times for 20 17, 20 18 or whatever.

[00:04:56] Dustin: We started in 2015.

[00:04:57] Dillon: I know, dude. [00:05:00] I was, I was in my mid twenties when we started now. You’re an

[00:05:03] Dustin: old Panda now,

[00:05:04] Dillon: bro, like, just think though I started doing this, not this, but like broadcasting when I was 18. I’m 31. That’s more of my life than like doing anything else. Like I’ve been talking, you know, or explaining why this aggressive as it pops so cool.

[00:05:23] Like, you know, it’s been a while of doing this and you know,

[00:05:27] Dustin: I’m getting those, uh, a RP mailers that come to my house, you know, every other month do

[00:05:35] Dillon: a couple of years ago I was creating content for them. So. It’s it’s pretty awesome to, uh, right here right now to talk about all of the things that have happened.

[00:05:46] So yeah, 300 let’s let’s let’s get 300 more.

[00:05:52] Dustin: And with the draft, just to 20 days away. We only have a few more episodes of our future [00:06:00] Friday podcast. It will continue in the next draft cycle. But for this draft cycle, I believe we only got two or three left. So this will likely be the last episode where we break down individual prospects.

[00:06:12] We’re going to have an episode where we discuss our, our big boards, whether that’s, you know, top 20, top 25, maybe even top 30, then of course we will have our final. In-depth mock draft the Friday before the NBA draft, but we would be remiss if we did not kick off this episode with one of our favorite prospects of this entire draft site.

[00:06:38] It is none other than Jaylen Williams from the university of Arkansas. He has a powerful word slash center stands at six, 10 has a seven one wingspan weighs 237 pounds. Uh, 19 years old will be 20. Uh, just about a week after the draft from Fort Smith, Arkansas, a [00:07:00] prospect that we see, uh, more value in than I think almost any of.

[00:07:03] Outlet out there he is number 52 on telethons, big board, not ranked on the Ringer’s big board. Uh, the, the season stacks. For Jaylen, uh, basically averaged a double-double 10 points, 10 boards, a little over a steal, a little over a block, almost three assists per game. A shot 46% from the field 24% from downtown.

[00:07:27] 73% from the line played in 37 games for the Razorbacks, uh, nearly 32 minutes a game. And how do you player efficiency rating of 18.9, a lot of accolades for Jaylin this year. He was first team all sec as voted on by the coaches. He was sec all D. Again, voted by the coaches and academic honor roll. Uh, he led the NCAA in drawing 54 charges.

[00:07:55] So he did that in 37 games, which is incredible. Uh, he set the [00:08:00] Arkansas single season record for total rebounds for 364, uh, and rebounds an sec games, 183. He had 16 double doubles, including seven in a row. And each of the Razorbacks for NCAA games, which was. Uh, including the upset of the top seated Gonzaga bulldogs at the time, Sage, why do we love this kid so much?

[00:08:26] W w what are we seeing that others just aren’t we’d look

[00:08:30] Dillon: at centers now, and there’s joking and there’s Embiid, and there they’re play-making hubs for their offense, obviously, Jaylen isn’t that level, but his passing. Creates so much positive oftens of momentum. That it’s a rare thing for a big to be that good of a passer.

[00:08:53] And I remember trying to convince you that Treyveon Williams was going to be a DHO operator [00:09:00] and a play-making hub for an offense. And I, I, I still believe that he is amazing as a passer, but Trayvon’s gonna get to expose defensively, Jaylen. I can do all the things passing wise that Treyveon can, but won’t be an absolute train wreck as a defender.

[00:09:17] So you look at what grant Williams is doing. You look at what even Kevon Looney is doing. You look what dream on green is doing with the passing and the play-making. That’s where bigs. Of course rebounding is rate, but like being able to be a play-making big, just create so many mismatches, even look what use of NERC it’s does when he’s not trying to create a passing lane and that isn’t.

[00:09:43] That type of offense is so rare to have, and he has so many rare attributes that yet you should, he should be bumped up to the second center on the board because of all the rare things that he does on the basketball court. There’s not that many bigs that you can [00:10:00] trust doing BHOs and passing it to cutting players.

[00:10:03] It’s just, it is of such a rare commodity that you see one that’s ranked 55 and you’re just like confused on why he’s that way.

[00:10:12] Dustin: Yeah, T to me, uh, Jalen is going to be an elite role-player at the next level. I think I project him as a small ball five, but he can get away playing before if the center constructs the floor alongside of him.

[00:10:26] Uh, what I really enjoyed about Jalen and he was a player that I would tune into Arkansas games just to watch. Not not to watch the opponent, not, not to watch. Maybe some of his, his teammates, Arkansas had a really fun team this year coached by Eric Musselman and they were dominant at home in the sec.

[00:10:47] But I would tune in just to watch this big man play basketball. Um, Arkansas gave him a lot of responsibility. On offense and defense. He, he was there, their anchor on both ends of the [00:11:00] floor. Uh, since you led with it, let’s talk about his, his authentic. Um, I think he’s very comfortable with the ball in his hands.

[00:11:07] There were multiple times where a team would zone up Arkansas and he would just float to that middle of the. Foul line extended and Arkansas would initiate the offense through him, put the ball in his hands, asking him to make the right read. Uh, he just makes a smart pass, um, incredible basketball IQ on both ends of the court.

[00:11:29] Just very savvy player. Like we talk about field for the game. I don’t know if there’s anyone that has a higher field for the game, maybe on the same level, but he has an incredible, a feel for the game. And he’s mobile. Like that’s the thing. When you look at these bigs is that they might be a little bit slow, slow prodded, or heavy footed.

[00:11:47] Not, not Jalen Jalen kit can move up and down the floor and in the office when he’s not w uh, initiating it with the ball in his hands, he is a threat out of the pick and roll. Uh, he showed [00:12:00] really good stand, still pick and pop, uh, ability from 3:00 AM. He showed really great rim running, uh, potential as well.

[00:12:08] And he knows how to finish, uh, with a thunder. So I really like that. Uh, I just like the versatility that he provides on offense. He’s going to be a low usage player who you don’t have to run off offense for. You’re not going to post them up. You’re not going to have to do when you think he’s going to create for himself and for others.

[00:12:29] Um, I just, I just think he’s got. I think he’s got everything you want. I think when you’re, when you’re watching him, uh, this is what I put on my notes. He is the prototypical love, hate player. I think you’re going to love to have them on your team and you’re going to hate to play against him. Like in a sense, like there’s a lot of Draymond in there because I know everyone would love to have dream on green on their team, but when you watch them, you’re like, God damn, there’s Dre, Mangia, Ron, you know, the charge there’s dream on stripping the ball, making the right read.

[00:12:57] Like you just, why can’t that [00:13:00] player be an. Teams are going to have a chance to find a real diamond in the rough in Jaylen Williams. And that’s really only on the offensive side of the ball stage. I think he really excels at least at this point and his development on the defensive end of the four. I mean,

[00:13:15] Dillon: yeah, he might be the biggest flopper I’ve seen in the college game for a long time.

[00:13:22] He’s aggressive withdrawing charges, aggressive and. Honestly, I haven’t seen a big do that in a very long time. Since boogie boogie was in his prime, he would do that. He’s going to be a menace to any penetrating guard because he’s absolutely willing to flop. I remember there was a little segment about him having like extra protection to, uh, handle all of these, these flops or drawing charges.

[00:13:53] If he’s willing to sacrifice his body for you, he’s willing to play good defense. He’s gonna [00:14:00] rebound the other. At a good clip. Cause he’s getting a double, double damn near every game. He provides everything that you need. Yeah. NBA fans are clamoring for it’s right here in Jaylen Williams. You don’t have to look that far.

[00:14:16] You’d like, there’s plenty of centers that in this, in this class, like have potential and that’s great, but you see somebody that provides all of these high level defensive attributes, offensive attributes at 55. Consensus bores are wrong on him. He is in my first round, really like top, I think 17 right now.

[00:14:41] So

[00:14:42] Dustin: he’s 17 for me, exactly. 17 for me. Yeah.

[00:14:44] Dillon: Like it’s Jalen than eater. Like he provides something that’s so rare. Everybody clamors for it in the playoffs. When you see these bigs make big plays, defensively and offensively, it’s right here with [00:15:00] Jaylen Williams, but

[00:15:01] Dustin: he may not be the traditional, I think rim protector that may be a Walker Kessler or Mark Williams is, but he’s excels at the weak side and chase down blocks.

[00:15:13] Um, he really moves his feet. Well, I think. When comparing them to those other bigs in the class, I think he moves about as well as anybody, um, including Jay Jalen, Darren Jalen during probably has more, a little bit athletic potential like closing speed, closing speed, but Williams is really mobile out there.

[00:15:32] And that’s really what you want. You want to have a defender that is able to go out and guard these, these guards even look at, uh, Robert Williams last night in game, one of the finals. He was up towards the three point line on Curry, but that didn’t matter in that first half, because Steph was just launching as soon as he got off of that, that pick and roll.

[00:15:50] So you need a big that can comfortably go out there, use length, use their size and take away these long range, you know, jump shooters that are [00:16:00] continuously. Uh, pouring into the league at a, just a rapid rate. So I just think everything he gives, he’s going to be just an intangible player. Like every team is going to need a Jaylen Williams.

[00:16:13] Uh, and I think whoever drafts him, it’s just going to be making out like bandits.

[00:16:18] Dillon: Yeah. Like I, I feel like he’s the new era, PJ Tucker. Like if, if he can develop a consistent corner three. He’s PJ Tucker of the 2020s. And you see how PJ’s on every playoff team imaginable,

[00:16:36] Dustin: PJ with four inches on him

[00:16:38] Dillon: through, yeah, you, you get, you get the height and you know, all the intangibles and the passing, like he’s just, he has a chance to be the super role player in the playoffs.

[00:16:49] That is just every team is clamoring for him. You know, everybody loves grant Williams now. You couldn’t tell me that Jaelynn Williams wouldn’t be doing the same [00:17:00] shit. Or remember when exhibit Tillman in his rookie year was the, the, the role-player does your Jalen can do that? So I I’m confused. Why consensus boards have him so, so low, but you know, w when you see these guys, like Jalen Williams, Ryan Rollins, Dale, and Terry.

[00:17:23] And I guess Terry, now isn’t a second round pick

[00:17:27] Dustin: Scouts are finally coming around to Terry.

[00:17:29] Dillon: Yeah. But I haven’t seen any first round grades on Ryan or Jaylen, but when you see those guys and you, you know, you see them, you see what they can do. It’s kind of scary to say, you know what, I’m going to push my chips in on these two prospects.

[00:17:49] It looks like we’re crazy. Now talking about the 56 pick and think about him as a first round guy, easy, but when you see this skillset, [00:18:00] you gotta just screw what the consensus boards say. This guy is good. He’s gonna be there in the playoffs. He is a playoff and of the last five minutes of the game roll player that is going to make plays.

[00:18:14] In the next level. So that’s why I’m all about it. Like I’m willing to place a bet on Jaylen Williams and Ryan Rollins that they, those two are going to outproduce people that are drafted way ahead of them in the first

[00:18:29] Dustin: round. I would, uh, not take you up on that bet because I am right alongside with you.

[00:18:38] Um, moving on to, uh, another prospect, uh, one of the top international prospects in this draft, uh, Nicola. Yeoville not, not to be, uh, not to be, um, known as Nicole Yogesh, but both from. Yo bitch plays for a mega BMX, [00:19:00] uh, small forward, uh, powerful word, six 11 a little over seven foot wingspan weighs 223 pounds.

[00:19:08] Uh, 18 years old will be 19 in, uh, probably. About a week here, uh, is from Belgrade Serbia, uh, number 28 on the Ringer’s big board, 22 on tank Athens, uh, seasoned stats. We’re kind of all over the map for, for Yeoville. So I’m not going to run them down at just different, different outlets, had different numbers for different seasons because when you’re international, you’re playing in different, different leagues and you’re playing in the under 19, um, But he’s only 18.

[00:19:41] And that, that’s the thing that I kept going back to when I was, when I was watching this prospect only 18. And I think that that’s important because usually when you’re playing international, you’re playing games with grown men. It’s kind of what we’re seeing with the G league, uh, ignite as well. And you [00:20:00] have to understand that while these players may not be as skilled as some of the top level collegiate players, physically, it’s more of what you’re going to see at the next level.

[00:20:10] Um, what I noticed right off the bat for, from yoga, which was just. A beautiful looking Jumpshot, a quick release. He was able to shoot it off the bounce or off of the catch. So you have a player who is kind of your prototypical modern big man who was able to stretch that floor. But he also was able to put the ball on the floor.

[00:20:35] He had a really solid handle for a player of his age and his size. Uh, what, what I saw time and time again on tape was he loves dribbling to a spot kind of stopping on a dime, getting a little separation, and then doing that, that Dirk one leg had fallen away, which is not surprising. I mean, Derek has arguably the greatest international player of all time.

[00:20:54] So you’ve got kids, especially, probably from Europe, following the MBA, watching emulate. [00:21:00] Emulating seeing what he does and now that’s going to be a part of, you know, NBA, you know, games for decades to come. I mean, it

[00:21:09] Dillon: generates a lot of space.

[00:21:12] Dustin: He, and he has got, he’s got that good wingspan. So, I mean, you don’t have to be, so like, he’s not going to jump off the page at you with his athleticism.

[00:21:19] And so that’s where the follow way comes from. And jerk was never going to jump off the page with his athleticism either, but he was crafty and he just re re uh, retuned and refined his shot year after year to where it didn’t matter if he had a hand in his face. If he got the ball out of his fingertips, it was likely going in.

[00:21:39] But I still think like, like a young Novitsky, uh, yoga moves pretty well for, for a player of his size now he’s, he’s not going to be a lockdown defender. Uh, right now he does struggle in space, especially on ball. So I don’t know if he’s ever going to be a plus defender. And I think that’s, what’s [00:22:00] probably keeping him in the, in the later part of the first round of the.

[00:22:04] But on tape, he does look like he can, he has some awareness off ball and playing the passing lanes and kind of being a disruptor on that end, which kind of generates his offense because he has really good grab and go potential able to initiate the break with that handle. He just, there were a couple of comparisons that, that really kind of jumped out at me when I first watched.

[00:22:29] And I was like, okay, this guy reminds me a little bit of Kyle Anderson, but with a jumper. And then I was reading other scouting reports and somebody was like shades of Danilo Gallinari. And I was like, yeah, Baton, that makes a lot of sense too. So you can kind of get the idea of what type of prospect you’re getting in yoga, which clearly Scott to get stronger.

[00:22:47] I mean, but again, and I go back to that only 18 years of age, you can get someone in a weight room, you can get them on a program and you can build them up, you know, one to two years and they’ll be ready to contribute to. You know, I think he’s still [00:23:00] pretty raw and he really needs to learn a lot on the defensive side of the, especially the NBA game.

[00:23:06] But I love his ability to move without the ball finds openings to score. Strong play-making potential. If he plays with one to two players who have a really large gravitational pole and he can be that fourth or fifth best starter, he’s going to get some open Lokes, he’s going to spread that floor. He’s going to be a valuable contributor.

[00:23:29] So, you know, I, I understand exactly why these, these, uh, scouting sites have him in the first round. He’s definitely at first round prospect for me. Um, I don’t know if he’s going to be like. I don’t know if he hits gallery or it becomes, you know, a faster Kyle Anderson, but at 18 I liked enough of what I saw of him to be like, yeah, I would invest a four-year contract into Nicole Yogesh, uh, especially with the success you’re starting, [00:24:00] not starting to see, but the continued success of the international prospects, it just seems like there’s more of a foreign flair in the NBA as the days go by.

[00:24:10] I mean, we’re seeing. Mbps. I mean, I can’t remember the last American born MVP Sage. I mean, it’s just, it’s Yonis and Nikola Yogesh, like Embiid is a, is a menace. Like we’ve seen Dirk when the finals MVP dark, arguably a top five power word of all time. You know, you go back to even so bonus and Petrovich, like this is coming, like we’re, we’re going to see a handful of.

[00:24:33] Foreign prospects just really take over the league and earn roster spots and rotational minutes. So if, if a team can invest in yoga and can see the vision that, okay, by year three, we’re going to have a spot for him and he’s going to be ready. He’s gonna, we’re gonna develop him in our program. That’s the spot for him to go?

[00:24:52] I don’t think you draft him. If you need somebody right away, you draft him with the hopes of, I like what I see now, but with a [00:25:00] little fine tuning and Paul. I mean, this, this kid could really shine.

[00:25:04] Dillon: So you mentioned the shades, the players, like does he have that craft that Kyle Anderson and Danilo is one of the best one V one players in the generation.

[00:25:16] So can he generate often himself and then. Create, is that something that you see a potential of them being like the secondary guy on, on

[00:25:27] Dustin: team? Oh, for sure. I think you can definitely have him bring the ball to court, initiate the offense. He, he makes the, the smart read, like. He does make some bad passes at times, but again, in the 18.

[00:25:40] And you know, when you do have the ball in your hands, I mean, we’ve seen it year after year, the league leaders and turnovers are the players that have the ball in their hands, whatever Russell Westbrook or whoever. But, uh, I really, I like the kid. I don’t think where’s

[00:25:58] Dillon: the, on your board.[00:26:00]

[00:26:07] Nice. So, I mean, there’s, there’s definitely the potential, like anytime there’s secondary potential, you have to take a look at it. That’s why, that’s why I value that play-making so high. It, if you can create for others, your stock and your potential of does he have a potential stardom,

[00:26:26] Dustin: maybe one way start him.

[00:26:28] I don’t know if he’s ever going to be a lockdown two way,

[00:26:30] Dillon: one way in that neutral. And is at his peak or would he still be a little bit of a negative?

[00:26:37] Dustin: I couldn’t answer that. Like it’s, it’s easy to say. And we’ve, we’ve seen this over time. If something. You know, it needs to hit the weight room that tends to happen with, with work ethic when it comes to lateral quickness.

[00:26:51] I don’t know the science behind that, how that’s, how players are able to improve that. If they’re just born with it naturally. [00:27:00] Or what not, you know, some people have quick hits. Some people, you know, aren’t able to turn their hips or they have fast feet. Um, so I, I couldn’t say, but I do think with, with time he could become more intelligent defensively and at least be a net neutral off-ball defender.

[00:27:16] Like I, I have a hard time thinking he’s going to ever just like, shut it down on, on that defensive. And I don’t see that. When you say like net neutral, like there were times last night where Robert Williams was a net neutral net negative defender because he couldn’t get on, on Steph, but that’s not a deterrent to Robert Williams.

[00:27:36] He’s a fantastic defender. It’s just that there are some players in this league, like Steph Curry where no one’s guarding them when they’re feeling like that. So it’s terms like net neutral and that negative, like it all pertains to context. So it it’s tough. I couldn’t give you an answer for that, but, but I will say [00:28:00] in four or five years, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s starting on a really good team and he’s, he’s doing things that, that Gallo did.

[00:28:07] Dillon: I mean, shit. I remember gala taking that clipper seem to the playoffs with doc river. So,

[00:28:12] Dustin: and he was tough with the nuggets too.

[00:28:14] Dillon: He was a bad mother. He was a bad motherfucker. So are we going to. Do you want me to talk about JD? Are we going to leave the biggest disagreement, uh, for last, what do you want me to, what do you want to talk about next JD or pat?

[00:28:33] Dustin: Let’s let’s just get, get going on Patrick Baldwin junior. So he is a freshmen, uh, stands about six, 10. Six, almost seven to wingspan waste, 231 pounds, uh, from, uh, Sussex, Wisconsin, uh, is 19 years old. Played at Milwaukee under the head coach of his father [00:29:00] was the head coach five-star recruit. Uh, duke was recruiting him pretty heavily to decided to stay home and play for his dad.

[00:29:07] Uh, it did not really work out for, um, Pat this year just played in 11 games, uh, averaged a little over 12 points. Uh, almost six rebounds, uh, slightly under an, a block and a steel per game. 1.5 assists shot 26 and a half percent from 3 30, 4 and a half percent from the field and, uh, 74 and a half percent from the foul line.

[00:29:33] Uh, played in about 29 minutes per game and had a player efficiency rating of 13.9. Uh, you have a higher, uh, and who your

[00:29:44] Dillon: negatives first. Uh, but yes, I’m, I’m much higher.

[00:29:50] Dustin: So when I was watching him, do you watch

[00:29:53] Dillon: clips or did you watch the full game and

[00:29:55] Dustin: torture? I’m not watching. This is like, we are on the last of the last, [00:30:00] right?

[00:30:00] This is, we’ve been doing this since January. We’re talking about four prospects a week. I got, I got some stuff to do, so I’m not about to watch Milwaukee bags. So they’re there. So with that said, I didn’t spend about an hour watching him though. So. I was watching floor and ceiling and he had, I think the best way to summize Patrick Baldwin at this point.

[00:30:24] And I think it articulates both my stance on him and your stance on him as a player, Patrick Baldwin is more of an idea than a reality. And I love that because you see a player who has six, 10 long has a nice jump shot. You’re like, okay. Yeah. But when he gets on the floor, none of that really comes through it’s to me, he’s a, just a long way away from ever contributing.

[00:30:54] Reminds me immediately of Perry Jones, the third Perry Jones, the third [00:31:00] was a. Top rated prospect. I thought it

[00:31:03] Dillon: was going to be, I think I called them the low budget, Katie.

[00:31:07] Dustin: Yeah. I mean, everyone will like you get that long lanky guy who could shoot from three Perry Jones, I believe went to Texas a and M just busted had was a second round pick of the thunder.

[00:31:19] Everyone thought they may have got the steel to the draft and he just, he never materialized some players just peek at the high school level. So. That’s kind of where I’m at with Patrick Baldwin. Like I think it’s just high school hype. Um, he is a pretty jump shot when it’s set, but outside of, uh, putting the ball on the floor, any sort of movement, like the shot selection was terrible.

[00:31:41] Uh, he needs to get stronger. He missed shorts so many times he missed wild. I mean, really nothing was really consistent about his game. Um, I thought the handle needs an incredible amount of work. Uh, he was unable to get separation. Even in the horizon league, which is scary. Um, [00:32:00] I know he played on a bad team, but Damian Lillard played on a really bad Weaver state team and was still able to look good at CJ McCollum, took Lehigh and beat duke.

[00:32:09] We’re talking about Ryan Rollins, both in our first round. Toledo’s not a great team either, but we see what Ryan Rawlins is able to do. So.

[00:32:18] Dillon: But you’re mentioning three guards that have play-making ability.

[00:32:22] Dustin: I I’m just saying for this kid who was projected to go top 10, um, I understand there might’ve been some situations, you know, you look at Zara Williams last year at Stanford brand Boston at Kentucky really had disappointing years, but both had good, good years this year in the MBA.

[00:32:39] So there, there is a chance it clicks for, for, for Patrick Baldwin Jr. But, uh, I don’t know. Uh, I personally would not use a first round draft pick in a four year guaranteed contract on this player if he slips to 59. Sure. Roll the dice on it. There’s so many other [00:33:00] prospects that I like in this draft that I just, I don’t see it.

[00:33:05] Like I watched him and I was just like, so like was like really like that’s that’s that, that was just my Patrick Baldwin. I just, he just didn’t look happy. Maybe, maybe a change of

[00:33:17] Dillon: Simone it’s playing on the most dog shit team. He chose to do

[00:33:22] Dustin: that though. You chose to do that. He didn’t have to play for the spotter.

[00:33:29] Dillon: How do I talk about this? I don’t, I don’t think the YouTube guy watched Patrick Baldwin to be completely honest. I don’t think

[00:33:36] Dustin: it. An hour was enough. And I was like, no more. I need,

[00:33:41] Dillon: I think the person that you watched, their YouTube didn’t watch them enough. Um, to be completely honest.

[00:33:48] Dustin: I mean, he’s, he’s fallen stage,

[00:33:51] Dillon: but that’s fine.

[00:33:52] I, you know what I’m willing to bet on Patrick Balton I know that he just had the worst combine ever, and I get that. [00:34:00] I’m willing to bet on the six, 10 dad that has skillset and is, is a good shooter. I know that statistics don’t say that he is, but he had every bit of the only guy that can stop that can beat us is Patrick Baldwin.

[00:34:15] Let’s send every bit of pressure at him. I remember saying this with Tyrese maxi, that he was the only shooter on Kentucky. That’s why his shooting percentage was so low there’s there’s context to it. And I know that I think that there was a problem with the initial ranking of him. Cause he isn’t a top five guy.

[00:34:35] He isn’t, he isn’t that level. He’s not a creator, super dominant guy. He’s a guy that’s going to. Take advantage of creation that somebody else made. And he’s going to use his shooting ability, which I believe in and, and spread the floor. I think that he is a plus plus passer. And the [00:35:00] reason that as a cyst levels were so bad was because his teammates couldn’t make open shots.

[00:35:04] When I watched him, I kind of saw like a Hulu level passer where yeah. He didn’t have the greatest ISO, uh, to create. He would find the right passer when he got to the lane, he would make the right path. I I’m willing to bet on him as an offensive connector. Like there’s no way he’s ever going to be that number one on.

[00:35:31] There’s no way going to be that number too. But if you’re looking for a guy that can shoot and make the right pass and, and do all the right things, like I watched him, he was the only guy that could be the two, three zone on his team. So I believe in the intelligence that he has, I believe in the shot. I think the passing is so underrated.

[00:35:52] Like when he makes that right pass, he makes a right skip. He’s going to be a guy that. Gets the ball [00:36:00] makes a quick, fast decision, gets it to the player that needs to get the ball. And he’s going to stretch the floor. I know that this year was extremely difficult for him, that Milwaukee team could not make a pass out of a two-three zone.

[00:36:15] It was just a bad team. So of course, context is going to make them look bad. I believe in the play-making abilities of them. And I believe in the shot, he’s going to be a third or fourth guy on a team. That’s why I have him at like 18 he’s after EGA Ladelle. I mean, I’m going to bet on the guy that has tools, um, he has a bag off offensively.

[00:36:39] Like I think the biggest problem is going to be from the three point to the basket, but he has craft finishes as well. So I think his offense is great. His defense. Kind of bad. I’ve seen him make, he made stock plays where he got steels and blocks, but I think his intelligence is going to keep him on the floor [00:37:00] defensively because I think he’s a very smart player, but yeah, watching those two, those two or three Milwaukee game play lunch this week was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever seen in my life.

[00:37:13] That team. Rock awful, but I, I see a guy that’s a plus offensive player and a plus password.

[00:37:21] Dustin: I always worry about players who are considered shooters and just can’t shoot the basketball in game and what we’re talking. Yeah. Milwaukee is a bad team, but it’s not like their schedule was murderous row. He shot only 50% one time this year.

[00:37:35] And that was a one for two performance. No schedule their schedule included. North Dakota, Eastern Kentucky, Florida, bowling green state, Robert Morris, Colorado, Rhode Island, green bay, Purdue, Fort Wayne, Cleveland state, and Northern Kentucky twice. Okay. If we, if we count the one for two performance, he went nine for 14 against Robert Morris.

[00:37:59] So [00:38:00] really one time shot one time. Any. Your yeah, your team’s bad, but you’re supposed to be six, 10. You’re supposed to be a five-star guy. Like, but he

[00:38:14] Dillon: isn’t a five-star guy

[00:38:16] Dustin: then I don’t see how, if he’s not a five-star player, then how was he still so high on your board? When like 18, like that that’s, that’s a really good rating.

[00:38:25] Like that’s higher than I’ve seen anybody give him. So that’s why I was a little surprised that you have them about

[00:38:29] Dillon: high. I don’t see them as, like, I feel like a five-star guy is like super high usage. All like Jayden Ivy. I see him as a third guy that is going to stress the floor and pass really well.

[00:38:52] I mean, how many, five star guys are there every year? It’s, it’s a pretty lofty accomplishment for you [00:39:00] to be a five-star guy. Um, I, I definitely see a good basketball player. When I, when I watch him, I, I guess the swing skill is going to be Izzy, uh, um, uh, a actual shooter or, uh, a, a shooter in my mind. But when I watched him shoot the shots pretty, it’s sustainable, but like, I just think that the added pressure of him being the only option on offense makes it so the defense can key in on them.

[00:39:33] And I know that it’s a low level, uh, environment, but having 100% of the, uh, defensive attention, it’s going to affect everybody. So. I I, yeah, I, if you’re thinking pat Baldwin is going to be a superstar, you’re going to be really upset. But if you’re going to say that he isn’t like worthy of a first round [00:40:00] pick or he doesn’t have a role in this league, I think you’re wrong on that.

[00:40:03] I think it’s somewhere in the middle where if you’re looking for that fourth guy on offense, have all one can

[00:40:09] Dustin: do it. I just don’t see him in the league in the next four years.

[00:40:16] There’s two, there’s something there’s elite. The league is elite. So that doesn’t mean he’s not like good at basketball. Just, I don’t think he’s an NBA player. Like there’s the talent level every year continues to rise. Like he needs to just step it up and you believe he will. I don’t think you will.

[00:40:34] That’s just the bottom line.

[00:40:37] Dillon: He has potential to do it six, 10 guy with, with a sweet stroke.

[00:40:42] Dustin: And there are a ton of players like that. They don’t make the league. You have like, I go back to Luke Babbitt. Yeah. He was like six, nine knocked down. Every shot in practice that I went to, I mean, just was money, gotten the games and just was a completely different player.

[00:40:56] And I know they’re completely different players, but just in that sense, [00:41:00] like look bad. It was a fucking great basketball player, not an NBA basketball player. Go to any park and probably take a lot of people’s money. I think Baldwin could do that too, but like the MBA is elite. So I just, I think he’s going to have to figure something out.

[00:41:18] Maybe it was just a bad year for him and if he does, but I, I don’t, I didn’t see it. Like, I think he was overrated in terms of his high school ranking and maybe that played into. Just everything. And maybe he can be a role player in the league. Uh, I just personally, wouldn’t spend a first round pick on a player with so much quote, unquote potential, but didn’t show me anything.

[00:41:44] Like if you’re going to have potential, like I need to see something, I gotta, I gotta get a little bit of a taste. I just, I left really hungry watching Patrick Baldwin.

[00:41:51] Dillon: I, I think that that is the difference between watching full games and clips. I get to see. [00:42:00] You have the, uh, you you’re watching stuff under the bias of somebody else, not your own.

[00:42:06] So when I watched the Rhode Island game, the Colorado game and the Robert Morris game, I was like, okay, they’re sending the legit, like in the Colorado game, they’re sending a legit defender, Adam. Yeah. He’s having trouble. That legit defender is spending 100% of it. Like there is no help side defense. He is getting every bit of defensive pressure.

[00:42:26] He isn’t a number one or number two, he’s the number three often. You know, context matters. He is, he, I think he was probably in the worst situation imaginable for a higher valued player. And yeah, he’s going to get the negative attention, but the way that he can run an offense and told his teammates how to play and how obviously they weren’t skilled enough to actually do it.

[00:42:53] But I think the basketball IQ and the we’ll keep him in the. May [00:43:00] I know, you know what, I’m not even getting to say, uh, maybe I think he’s going to make it

[00:43:05] Dustin: all right. Let’s move on to J

[00:43:06] Dillon: D. Okay. This is the number one thing that stood out. With J D he played on the Bama team. I assume a pretty damn high recruit for Bama.

[00:43:20] He is not my prospect just to let everybody know he is from Bama. Five-star recruit one of the top, uh, point guards in the class. The thing that stood out to me was his athleticism. Let me pull the actual notes that I have of him. So his points per game was 8.5 points per game, 4.3 assists 4.8, rebounds a game.

[00:43:49] He was extremely, extremely athletic and the bounce and his quick first step, I think are super-duper [00:44:00] elite. Like he, he, he’s one of those prototypical explosive guards that you see in college and in the NBA where. He’s relying 100% on his athleticism. I think that as a defender, he is a high level point of attack defender.

[00:44:21] I’m trying to get all the positives out of the way right now. The change direction. Okay. Well, I’m going back to often change the draft. And as a dribbler was really interesting how he exploits defenders. I think that he can get to the rim whenever he wants in the next level, because of the bounce, the athleticism that the package, the dribble package.

[00:44:44] The dribble package. And I think that his vision is really great when he’s driving. So like when that helped comes, because he is a high level athlete, he’s able to pass it well, and it’s in the right, the passes in the right [00:45:00] places for the offense. I have serious serious issues with the shooting. I think he’s one of the worst decision-makers when it’s not on the driver.

[00:45:10] His turnover. Numbers were insane. But if you’re looking for a guy that has all the tools in the world to be that athletic Playmaker, JD is that guy, but the shot is, is bad. It needs to be way more consistent. The mechanics of it, uh, the form is pretty trash, but when I’ve watched him and we’ve obviously seen this guy play this year, but I saw Dennis Smith June.

[00:45:39] And with the high com high outcome out, uh, high outcome outcome as Eric Bledsoe. So he’s not on my first round, but he always one person that I was interested in because of the, all the tools that he has. But I don’t think that he’s an actual [00:46:00] first round quality player, but if you wanted to take a risk on somebody that.

[00:46:05] Be a point of attack, defender and Playmaker at a pretty damn good level. If you can cut out the past and you have it in jail. But no, he is not one of my prospects, but he was one of the prospects that

[00:46:18] Dustin: I watched. Oh yeah. You said you watched him a while ago. And so we figured we would add him here yet. I didn’t, I didn’t spend any time on JDI.

[00:46:24] I only saw him in passing, whether Alabama was playing Arkansas or Auburn and I didn’t really eat one of those guys. I

[00:46:31] Dillon: wish he would stay in college. And develop, but I believe he already said that, you know, goodbye to Auburn or at the Bama he’s going to, uh, to the league. I think that that is a pretty big mistake.

[00:46:45] Cause if he gets more years, he could develop into something. You see the leap for so many players, but the tools as a, as a pure athletic Playmaker, absolutely there, the decision-making has to improve, but. He’s got [00:47:00] all those tools that you see in those guards that are super high-level athletes. So

[00:47:07] Dustin: it’s not, again, could be a point guard up.

[00:47:10] None of the top point guards can shoot a Ty Kennedy Chandler, JD. Like it just seems. The two things you want out of a modern point guard, can you shoot the basketball and can you make your teammates better? And it just seems like those are two weak points for J D Davidson. So yeah, I, I would have, I would be upset if my team took a player like that in the first round.

[00:47:35] All right. Well, I think that about wraps up this episode of a future Friday, we will be back next Friday probably to talk about our big boards. Um, see where we agree, where we disagree, who the biggest discrepancy. Um, I’ve had some changes. Uh, to mine recently, my top four is completely different. Now. I think yours is as well.

[00:47:55] Also be interesting to see where we have the players, uh, ranked I’m [00:48:00] thankful. There is no more, uh, scouting to do, uh, they’re fun, but they are. So time-consuming, especially when we’re trying to pack in the players, um, that continuously rise or fall up the boards and, you know, try, try to get to, you know, a full first round of players that you feel comfortable knowing about.

[00:48:17] I’m glad we started in January. Maybe we start a little bit earlier next year. And, uh, it’s also a very busy sport season. So you’ve got w NBA MLB NBA finals. So it’s definitely finding time. To watch that some of these players, uh, has been a challenge for me. So I’m glad to just talk about players that, that we have scouted and known and can just kind of get to the fun stuff.

[00:48:42] Dillon: Yeah. I mean, watching, watching Milwaukee of Wisconsin play basketball was one of the most draining experiences I’ve ever, ever done as a basketball fan, but, you know, Most of the time, most of the discussion is about those tops, [00:49:00] five, six players in, in these analysis. So I liked the fact that we talked about guys with legitimate flaws in their game, like not being able to shoot and high turnover rate or, you know, played on the worst team possible.

[00:49:17] And as a five-star recruit, you know, how does that impact the draft rate? So I think that. We, we as, um, fans think about that first, but when new Orleans got herb Jones and Jose Alvarado, those two were humongous, you know, players for them. And you know, like Jose is going to make Devante Graham and Kira Lou is.

[00:49:45] He was, uh, he was a non drafted player. There’s a lottery pick. Yeah. There’s skills, skilled players. I mean, the fact that the guy that we talked about in the most glowing is rated 55 on hang avant. Like [00:50:00] those, those, those picks matter in the second round. So I’m glad that we’re actually doing the, uh, the due diligence on them.

[00:50:07] Cause I don’t think a lot of people are talking about, uh, James Jaelynn Williams or they’re talking about Dyson Daniels and Benedict Mathern, but we, we went down to the dirt and talked about those players that, you know, aren’t going to be there 56

[00:50:27] in your world. Pat Baldwin will be, there might be. I’m going to put some money on the fact to help you for a shot pick when, when draft Kings is able to do that. Anyway, thank you so much for listening. I am a hungry boy. It is 1:00 PM. Thank you for listening to our 300th episode. Thank you to all the people that have supported us throughout the years.

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