Future Friday Ochai Agbaji

[00:00:00] Dustin Hawes: All right, everybody. Welcome to the 284th edition of the holy backward podcast. I am Dustin here in sunny rip city, and I got my man

[00:00:18] Dillon Sage: Sage Schilling near live and direct enjoying the, uh, SCC tournament right now. And, uh, it’s been an enjoyable few days of just watching college basketball. So I am very excited to talk about a outstanding.

[00:00:34] Shooting guard prospect out of Kansas Ojai. uh, bodgie

[00:00:40] Dustin Hawes: is six, five and a half weighs, 214 pounds. He will be 21 at the time of the draft from Kansas city, Missouri. He is a bit of a late bloomer, a three-star by rivals when he. Came to Kansas ranked, just the 145th [00:01:00] player overall, uh, nationally. Um, he actually entered the 2021 NBA draft returned to Kansas for his senior season after getting some nuts.

[00:01:10] So flattering, uh, feedback. He spent the summer actually training with Damian Lillard and his, uh, personal trainer, Phil Beckner. Um, he’s also a multi-sport athlete, played soccer until his junior year in high school. Uh, and like a lot of these prospects, basketball is in his DNA. His mother Erica played basketball.

[00:01:32] I Wisconsin, Milwaukee from 91 to 94, his father, uh, although Fu played basketball also at Wisconsin, Milwaukee in 91 92, and his sister. Ori played volleyball at the university of Texas. Uh, some accolades so far for, um, uh, bodgie. He’s a two time, all big. Honorable mention in 2020 and 2021, he’s surely going to be first team this year, likely the player of the [00:02:00] year.

[00:02:00] Uh, he’s a two time all academic big 12, and he is extremely durable heading into this year. 77 executive starts. In 83 games played, uh, Kansas is one of the perennial Bluebloods and they are living up to that, uh, tradition this year. They are currently 26 and six. They are ranked sixth in both the AP and coaches pools.

[00:02:24] Uh, they play later tonight in the big 12 semi-finals. Uh, so there’s a lot on the line for them in terms of possibly getting a number one overall seed, especially. With Baylor losing and Auburn losing. So that opens the door for them to kind of walk through and get a number one seed on the year about G is averaging at 19.7 points, uh, shooting 47.7% from the field 40.5 from downtown 77.2 from the line.

[00:02:54] He’s doing that in 35 minutes. Uh, Some of the other [00:03:00] statistics, a little over five boards, half a block, one and a half assists, almost a seal per game, and a player efficiency rating of 21.9. Uh, the game we are going to be discussing exclusively is, uh, the double overtime thriller against a really good Texas tech team from January 24th.

[00:03:21] Um, it is a game in which. It went in into double overtime. Uh, as I mentioned, a bodgie played 46 minutes, had 37 points. I believe that’s a seasoned high, uh, for him Andy career high, he was, uh, 13 of 23 from the field. Seven of 12 from downtown, also grabbed, uh, seven boards, uh, handed out two dimes, only committed three turnovers in those 46 minutes of action, got to the line eight times only able to convert on.

[00:03:49] But as is the case, uh, as we get into later in the college season, Sage and I have both, uh, now started to see players multiple times. So if we, if we referenced something, uh, it’s [00:04:00] probably going to be from this game, but we’ve also seen multiple games, um, from, uh, bodgie, uh, this year. So, uh, one other thing I would like to mention before kicking it over to your thoughts is since he is a prospect, That declared for the NBA draft.

[00:04:16] Last year, we actually have combined measurements, which is something we haven’t had in any of our future Fridays. So at the combine just a year ago, Barefoot measured six, four and a half, six, five and a half in shoes. A really solid six, 10 wingspan, uh, for a player of his size, uh, 8, 7, 5 standing reach, uh, 215 pounds.

[00:04:38] So you can see the measurements are about as accurate as they come. With that said, Sage, uh, what jumped out at you when you’re evaluating, uh, an older prospect? Um, like, uh, Ojai bodgie,

[00:04:53] Dillon Sage: I’ve had a priors to them. Like I’ve I remember seeing him at, as a freshman being just this [00:05:00] energy player that would dive on the floor and just risk his body and.

[00:05:06] To see the development from just a raw athletic prospect to a really good defender who doesn’t take unnecessary risks. It’s really cool to see what, you know, four years of college can do to a, a, you know, a prospect, because I think if Ojai went as a freshman or a sophomore, he would be an undrafted free agent, but now he’s made himself a first, a first contract guarantee.

[00:05:33] Fully cause he’ll be, he’ll definitely be a first round draft pick. I mean, the thing that stands out to me is the shooting. Like he’s one of those off ball scores that teams that have that, that elite Playmaker need like the relocation in what he can do. Like he finds open spaces to be at, to shoot the DM three has been put out there as like a archetype for players.[00:06:00]

[00:06:00] Let’s be real. A lot of those DND three players. Aren’t good enough. Shooters Tete really deserve that Ojai. Absolutely. Shows the ability to be a D and three player because of the consistency of the, the amount of threes he is. Dagon the versatility of threes that he’s taken. I believe in that shot so much that I think he’s going to be a Dean.

[00:06:25] I think he’s going to be a legit DM three player with versatile shooting, like the movement that they catch and shoot the off the dribble stuff. Like he is going to be a good shooter in the next level. And that’s what makes me believe me.

[00:06:40] Dustin Hawes: Yeah, I would say the thing that jumped out at me first was he, I think he’s an elite catch and shoot shooter.

[00:06:45] So in the game we saw, I took reference. So we have 37 points aside from free throws, every one of those buckets, but three came off of catch and shoot, so that that’s his bread and butter. Spotting up waiting [00:07:00] for a play to develop and hitting the open shot. So I, I love the, the release. It’s incredibly quick.

[00:07:06] It’s not a lot of movement on it, which kind of reminds me a little bit of AGA Griffin. Uh, if you’re talking about prospects from this class where, uh, that you get a good, good amount of consistency, as you can reference from the plus 40% from downtown shooting motion actually reminds me of a former trailblazer Wesley Matthews.

[00:07:22] Um, it just it’s really compact, not a lot of movement. Um, Even though it’s kind of that same body type. So I kind of had to do a couple of double takes. Uh, but, but I, I think that’s the thing that jumps out, uh, right off the bat and in the modern MBA, there’s no skillset greater than being able to space the floor.

[00:07:40] So I think that’s going to get him drafted regardless of how you feel about anything else he brings to the table. Like, right. Like in the, in the modern MBA, that’s, that’s the box that unless you’re seven feet tall, Every team is going to want you to be able to do is be at least a league average shooter from, from downtown.

[00:07:59] And if he [00:08:00] gets into the right situation where he’s not being asked to be the man or to create his own shot, like if you put him with a Playmaker like Anthony Simons or Damian Lillard, you’re going to get those, those options. Even you use of which we’ll be able to find a bodgie in those, those, those corners.

[00:08:17] And you look at what in this, your little was able to do. The looks that he was going to get a body is going to get the similar looks. And so you need players that can fill in a role. So while I don’t believe in his, uh, necessarily ceiling to become a perennial all-star I think he’s one of the safer prospects.

[00:08:36] In this draft and it’s really all predicated on his ability to just catch and shoot. And I don’t think that’s necessarily, um, a bad thing when you’re trying to fill in roles. Like not everybody needs the ball in their hands, especially if you’re a team like the blazers who have two dominant ball handlers already.

[00:08:53] So you need players that can kind of just know their role. Don’t take up a lot of usage, but they’re incredibly [00:09:00] efficient in the type of looks that you want out of the half court. Yeah.

[00:09:04] Dillon Sage: I mean, he’s a, he’s going to be a low usage, high efficiency player. At Kansas, he has to dribble the ball lot and set up on offense.

[00:09:14] I truly don’t think that that’s going to be part of his game in the next level. I think he’s going to be that off-ball shooter. I mean, I think he’s really smart as that as a basketball player, because he finds. The open space really well. And as, as zone defense has been more popularized in the NBA, finding that open space to get off a shot is going to be really important because I’m just thinking in my mind, a Damon NERC pick and roll Damon’s driving to the lane and he has spotted up ant, uh, bodgie.

[00:09:55] And let’s just dream big and say, Jabbar. [00:10:00] Yo, there’s going to be space for him to operate. I think the blazers right now, I’ve done a really poor job of getting spacers. So in this draft, man, I think getting guys that are competent and better than competent shooters is a must. I don’t think we can get like the Jalen Duran’s of the world on this team.

[00:10:24] Cause right now, I think we have two and a half shooters as Josh Hart being the half, because a lot of the guys that we have just can’t shoot. So that’s the spacing, the creative making life easier for Dame is going to be huge and Abazi with that shooting ability and the versatility and his shooting.

[00:10:43] Like a lot of it’s off the catch, but like it’s not standstill patch. It’s like, let me move to that open space, set up and shoot. So it’s. He is a true, true legit shooter. And [00:11:00] I mean, there’s the superstar thing. Isn’t isn’t with Obagi because of his age. And I think the, the, the, the lack of play-making oh, at 14, 13, wherever we, wherever the new Orleans pit goes, you’re just trying to have somebody that can be an NBA player.

[00:11:21] Like I remember this statistic. Like 10% of the 10th overall pick get as good enough to get that second contract with the team. So I feel like bodgie is very safe and for the blazers, I think he should be raised a few tears just because of the shooting ability.

[00:11:44] Dustin Hawes: I think you’re higher on a bike. I definitely think than I am.

[00:11:48] Like I wouldn’t touch him in the log. If it was a weaker guard, crop shooting guard, crop, I think he gets raised, but because this is probably the best shooting guard crop I can [00:12:00] personally ever remember. There’s there’s prospects littered up and down that first round that you can get. So I don’t necessarily think you have to reach now if you’re a team that has just one pick and you’re late in the first round and, and you need that, that guy off the bench, who’s going to come in and space the floor.

[00:12:16] Uh, you’re just like maybe one role player with. I definitely think you take him in that late first, if I’m Portland and you have that early second round pick, he’s not going to fall there, but that’s where I would be coming from. Uh, taking him. I just think there there’s too many other guards, especially the eye, like above him, especially if you’re going to be picking.

[00:12:36] I mean, right now it’s projected, I think eight and nine, uh, who knows how that ends up, but there are other shooting guards I would take ahead of him. And then I would look to fill, uh, another area, uh, with the other pick. Um,

[00:12:47] Dillon Sage: do you mean no more safe with a bodgie than the G league guys?

[00:12:52] Dustin Hawes: I so all disclaimers.

[00:12:54] I have, I, duly guys are on my list too. To scout next. [00:13:00] I mean, you would assume so because he is a senior. Um, and I do think he is a safe pick. What worries me about a bodgie as I’ve watched him multiple times. Every time I watch. He looks like a different player each time. So, and during the, the Texas tech game lights out from downtown, but again, very limited offensively, the, the handle needs, uh, an incredible amount of work.

[00:13:25] He was picked clean late in that first half of the game off of, uh, one dribble move. Um, I think he was taken out of that game for stretches by a Texas tech with a simple face guard. Like there was no real attempt to go and say, Hey, let me go grab the ball. Uh, I need to kind of take this over and maybe create a shot for myself.

[00:13:43] Um, and as I mentioned, only three buckets came off of his own creation. You had a floater, a mid-range pull-up and a drive and overtime you’re putting up it wasn’t there. The,

[00:13:51] Dillon Sage: uh, the, uh,

[00:13:56] Dustin Hawes: That he didn’t I’m talking about for himself. He did have, he did [00:14:00] have a nice, uh, ally, but, and so, and when I saw that, I was like, okay, that’s great. I need to see more of that. Because when I watched him this full game, I had the same initial thoughts that I did when I had, when I watched Benedick, Matheran almost, everything came off of other creation and now Mathern is now saying, okay, I need to go get the ball.

[00:14:20] And I’m going to go make plays for, for my, my teammates. And I’ve seen that. Not just once I’ve seen it multiple times. So maybe it’s the Kansas system that is holding him down. And maybe he’s a riser at the combine where they’re able to play five on five, and maybe he’s able to take his game up another level in the conference tournament as well.

[00:14:41] The NCA tournament because, you know, I’ve seen him play and he had a really great game against Kansas state led them to a comeback and he was doing a lot of, you know, off of the dribble, a curl, taken it to the lane. I just, I didn’t see that. So I just, a little bit of inconsistency, which worries me from a senior player.

[00:14:58] So. I think you can get [00:15:00] away with that. If you’re talking about like an AGA Griffin, who’s just a freshmen. You’re like, okay, I can see there’s three more years of, uh, of growth and potential that he could grow into what I believe he can be that margin for error when you’re drafting an upperclassmen just significantly shrinks, especially in terms of value at the draft level.

[00:15:17] So I think he’s a safe prospect, but I still want to see a little bit more. Um, I do think the pros for him is he has an MBA body. Uh, right off the bat, although I would like to see him be more aggressive and rebounding the ball, uh, given his frame, um, that, that exactly, that that’s just something that I want to see from, from our guards.

[00:15:40] Like we’ve always referenced it when CJ was at his peak, it was that playoff run where he was going in there getting seven, 800. Clearly he was capable of doing it. I think a bodgie is as well. I mean, he’s got that, that six, 10 wingspan he’s got that, you know, standing reach of over, you know, eight and a half feet and he does have really good bounce.

[00:15:58] Um, what are your [00:16:00] thoughts Sage about his defensive potential in, in the NBA? Um, I felt like it was hard to get a feel for it because he rarely had on ball situations in this Texas tech game. And to me it felt like he was playing defense. Like I like Damian Lillard plays defense. Like whenever there was a switch, he’s like, oh no, I’m just going to stay with, like, he just passed off the switch every time maybe he was, you know, doing what he kind of did, what Mathern did in that game.

[00:16:25] We watched against Illinois. Um, maybe he was conserving energy. He played a ton of minutes, but given that. Yeah, given that wingspan, I just, I wanted to see more of a dominance in an, uh, just impact on that end of the floor. Like he has all of the physical tools that you want for him to be that if he’s got the three, but for him to be an elite defender, I think he has the tools.

[00:16:49] I just need to see it kind of get, gets switched on.

[00:16:53] Dillon Sage: Honestly, I, I feel pretty good about him being a good defender in the league. He [00:17:00] absolutely has the tools. And I guess in this game, he didn’t, wasn’t able to show it off, but in games that I’ve seen this year, it’s been like all big 12 level defense. So yeah, like maybe in this particular game, I wasn’t really impressed with what he did.

[00:17:16] Oh my God. I just saw, uh, an LSU player. Pass the ball off an Arkansas player go to another LSU player and then him hitting a layup. That’s fantastic. Um, but yeah, I, I am very, I’m very confident in the defense. Like he has the tools. I, I feel like he gets, he has the ability to get physical with other players.

[00:17:41] I, yeah, the, the defense is good. Like, I, I see him close out. He’s really. He gets into good position on help side. Like he uses two hands. I I’m pretty, I feel pretty good about the defense it’s it might be the game. I like, I don’t remember in the Texas tech game, I don’t remember him doing [00:18:00] particularly well, but I’ve definitely seen.

[00:18:03] Lock players up and play really good defense. So in the DM three, uh, like archetype, I believe in both, like, I think he can guard the point the two and some threes. I, I, I believe in that, uh, that defense and, you know, the safety in him. As, as a vendor, I feel like it’s, he’s going to be a good defender that you can put on balls at, at time.

[00:18:30] So, yeah, I feel pretty good about it, but, uh, maybe it’s the tech game. That was, that was stuff. That game was physical too. So, you know, I kind of get it, like if, if you’re that good at shooting, shoot them threes, don’t go into the paint. But I mean, like I’ve seen a lot of, of skilled craft and finishing and great defense.

[00:18:52] So. I, I, I would probably have them in the, after the lottery first, like early, [00:19:00] early twenties. But again, if we’re talking about this team in particular, I’m feeling like it’s, Dorland’s goes on a run and is the ninth seed. Comparing him to other players, like in the G league, I feel really confident in, oh, bodgie actually hitting, hitting some form of quality in staying in the league.

[00:19:22] So I am very into . Uh, currently

[00:19:27] Dustin Hawes: I think what I’ve seen, it’s just a little too much inconsistency. Uh, a senior. I mean, we, we both watched him on senior night against just a pretty good, I wouldn’t say a great Texas team. You know, one of 11 didn’t make us first bucket until, uh, overtime. Like he, he has these.

[00:19:46] So for someone who has such a beautiful jump shot, I am a little concerned at how, uh, sporadic or how streaky he can be from, from downtown. Um, over his last four games, he’s only hit [00:20:00] six threes in, in 20. 28 attempts. So he’s definitely slumping. So I don’t like for the tournament to be the end all be all.

[00:20:10] But in this case with a senior, uh, and the potential one seed, uh, he could really raise his stock in my mind with, with a really strong showing. And I think that is because of the age. Let me let’s, let’s put that out there. If it’s, uh, a younger player, you can kind of see, okay. You know, maybe he was 19 and

[00:20:26] Dillon Sage: doing this, how high would he be in your.

[00:20:29] Dustin Hawes: Top 10. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that’s just what it is like you, these are almost like the players development years, their performative years, like where are they going to go? Like, you don’t really see many players make a big jump after the age of 23. I mean, it just doesn’t happen. Uh, you look at a player.

[00:20:51] Anthony Simons kind of came in at 19. And by the time he’s 22, 23 he’s he looks like an NBA player. Same thing with, you know, Gary Trent Jr. [00:21:00] Um, that that’s kind of where it is. Maybe. No, I think cam Johnson performing as well as he did currently for the Phoenix suns is something that’s really, I think helps a bodgie in the draft.

[00:21:14] He isn’t older prospect cam Johnson is getting a lot better even coming off the bench. And so that’s where I think if you’re looking at a boggy, like, okay, this guy can help us off the bench. He can improve. You may not have the highest of ceilings, but there might be some room to grow in years, one through three in the league.

[00:21:33] And he’s looking like a long-term piece, um, either as your fifth starter or, you know, six or seventh man off the bench,

[00:21:41] Dillon Sage: just think about who we’ve had off the bench in the Neil Shay era. I feel like Obama. It’s better than some of the shitters that we’ve had to watch in recent history on this, on this basketball team.

[00:21:57] So, yeah, I don’t think the star [00:22:00] potential is really likely, but I think somebody that knows the role and can help the star player of your team is worth that late lotto pick. If, if new Orleans goes on that road, And like, I think that this draft is really good in terms of like one through or one through one through 11, it gets very questionable later in that lottery.

[00:22:33] Like, are you really, would you rather take that chance on Kendall brown fitting into the scheme or would you rather have a guy that’s scheme? Versatile. Like, I just think that he fits with players. Like the, when, when the blazers were great, we had wings that fit around and did the small things to, uh, let Damien and CJ have their, their star moments.

[00:22:58] I think that [00:23:00] Obagi is one of those guys that is going to make life easier for Dame, rather than like we’ve had guys like cam bays more that have made Dames. Much more difficult than it needed to be, who Bazi is going to make his life a lot easier with the shooting and the, the defense. So, uh, yeah, I I’m in I’m in it to win it.

[00:23:23] Like the fact that Obayashi trains with Beck. I mean, that has to be like, if Dame allowed his trainer to work with them, like, I feel like they might be pulling for.

[00:23:38] Dustin Hawes: I know after seeing what’s happening with the Lakers and LeBron making GM decisions, I want players to stay, stay away, especially if Dane really wants Jeremy Grant on the roster.

[00:23:46] Like Jeremy Grant, Aiden, like let, let the GM’s who Xcel in player evaluation, make those calls you Excel on the court. Like that’s. So I hope I hope there is no poll from, from the player. Like [00:24:00] we need to let the Scouts do, do their job.

[00:24:02] Dillon Sage: I yo damn. This one’s worth the risk at 13 or 14.

[00:24:09] Dustin Hawes: Yeah. I, I just, I have a very low percentage of, of Ojai ending up in Portland unless he falls to the second round.

[00:24:16] Right. I mean, we, we look slightly, he does not know. Yeah. Because he’s not going to fall to the second round, but Portland, if they have to pay.

[00:24:26] Dillon Sage: The San Antonio trade, would you feel more? Uh, I was about to say more better, I guess I just did. Would you feel more better about Ojai in the 21st slot? Okay. So the

[00:24:39] Dustin Hawes: scenario would be Portland moves up to the top four with their own pick.

[00:24:43] They take one of the bigs home green Smith or Benchero the new Orleans pick is, let’s say nine or 10, right? For me, if, if Johnny Davis or Benedick Mathern are on the board, you don’t, you don’t blink twice. You hand that, that, uh, envelope into the [00:25:00] commissioner as soon as possible. And you take those players.

[00:25:02] If Davis Shaden sharp Matheran or off the board, and then it’s really between, okay. Are we looking at tar ease-in? Are we looking at Jalen Durran? Are we looking at Jeremy? So here. Or San Antonio really wants one of those three players and San Antonio is loaded with currently the 17th pick via Toronto and the 21st pick via Boston.

[00:25:26] So if they were to say, you know, we’ll trade you 17 and 21 for 10, if that deal went through, I would not have a problem taking him, you know, 21. Okay.

[00:25:37] Dillon Sage: Okay. I like that. Like. Most likely Ojai is not a trailblazer because of where he is in terms of, you know, people’s evaluations of him. But I think that because of the skill set, if a trade like that happen, I would be all about it.

[00:25:57] Honestly, if things shake out the wrong [00:26:00] way and new Orleans is like the 13th, I would honestly think about it just because of the safety, but. I get what you’re saying. The, the, the, I think we’re looking at the fifth starter on a team at

[00:26:17] Dustin Hawes: best. And it’s just, it’s also because it’s such a fantastic shooting guard class.

[00:26:22] Like it’s, it’s a loaded, absolutely loaded, like all, almost all of my favorite prospects are our two guards. And if you’re also looking at, um, uh, bodgie. Taking him on Portland made a lot of sense if we’re looking at this in terms of the 2020 draft, you know, remember before Portland moved, Trevor Risa and the 16th pick Portland had the 16th pick, and we did a lot of recon on that draft.

[00:26:49] There were a lot of pretty good shooting guards that. Prospect wise are comparable to a bodgie, remove how they performed in the league. But if you’re looking at, [00:27:00] you know, guards like these, uh, Aaron niece Smith and Desmond Bain, we both would have taken you maybe not ness myth, but I would, if I

[00:27:09] Dillon Sage: think that much better

[00:27:11] Dustin Hawes: than Smith or Bain at 16 in that scenario, like we had one player, we were really looking to find that, you know, draft ready player to come in off the.

[00:27:22] I would feel if the, if that situation was the situation, I would feel a hundred percent taking a bodgie. I think given Portland’s new construct, it’s a little bit different just because there are two picks. We don’t think the team is wind now. Ready. Um, I, I don’t necessarily know if you want to take a lottery pick on somebody who you’re projecting to come off of your bench.

[00:27:50] Um, and that’s maybe what they’re, they’re, they’re maxing out at us. So it’s just, the roles are a little bit different. I think he’s a solid prospect. I would feel comfortable if I’m a vomiting. [00:28:00] Taking them past 20, um, just in, in this draft, but there are a lot of things to like, what do you think his, his floor is

[00:28:08] Dillon Sage: say?

[00:28:09] I feel like it’s a guy that is a legitimate shooter. This might be the, the, the most telling thing of how I value him. Dante, even Shenzhou a guy that. Can start or come off. The bench is a good score, can contribute in a, a few ways on the team. So yeah, I feel like maybe Dante might be a little higher than like the low end, but I believe in an Obagi enough to say he’s could be better than a Dante, even though.

[00:28:44] Dustin Hawes: I think my floor for him is another former Kansas Jayhawk, a player who I really liked coming out of the draft. Ben Macklemore’s both, both had bounce, both had beautiful looking, jump shots, both struggled to create their own shots and both were inconsistent. Uh, Macklemore never [00:29:00] lived up to that, uh, top seven pick, but yet he’s still in the league nine years later.

[00:29:04] So I think that’s something that you’re looking for a body he’s always going to be in the. Probably for 10 years just based upon like he can get hot, you know, we’ve seen Macklemore get hot during this 10 year with the Lakers, the rockets, even this year with Portland, he’s had a couple of moments. So, you know, I think that’s his floor, a player that just is never able to put it together, but as a good enough shooter to, uh, find a, you know, at least.

[00:29:30] Uh, semi rotation spot in the league.

[00:29:33] Dillon Sage: Yeah. I mean, there, there definitely are some similarities. I think, I believe in the defense a little bit more. So Benny Mac is great and has a role, but I don’t think, I feel like you can put Obagi in, in pretty high leverage situations and he’ll, he won’t get embarrassed.

[00:29:53] Like I think Ben Mac might, um, At 74 of

[00:29:57] Dustin Hawes: the road,

[00:29:58] Dillon Sage: I feel like it’s buddy buckets [00:30:00] with defense. I think Obagi needs to work a little bit on that, that the dribble craft to get to where buddy is because buddy has some like dribble combos that can generate space enough from the shoe. But the, the thing about buddy is he’s gonna get his shots up.

[00:30:17] He’s going to, uh, score. A lot from three. So if Avaya, you can get that play craft up a little bit, or maybe just be such a better defender than buddy bucket’s. Is that, that it makes up for the lack of handle. I mean, except for Luke Walton’s bad coaching buddy is a rotation player that can either start or come off the bench and just score.

[00:30:46] So I think Ojai can do that.

[00:30:51] Dustin Hawes: Yeah. I can see that. Definitely have a similar body build. Um, my middle of the road is I got shooter shooter on the floor. [00:31:00] Anytime you play pickup basketball, you there’s always a player that comes in and says, I, you know, I got to guard him like you just, you have to stay on him.

[00:31:08] So that that’s my, my middle of the road is any knock-down shooter. Like if you’re, if you’re thinking in terms of the blazers, Walt Williams, uh, and that 99 season was, was that player for Portland, uh, early Gary Trent junior. I could not leave him open, um, tries hard on defense. So that’s my middle of the road is just someone that a defensive team has to pay attention to.

[00:31:30] And really there there’s too many players to, to list out there. Um, I think kind of falls into that category as well. Like you just don’t want to leave him open. Um, where do you think he maxes out at? I think my ceiling is, might be lower than yours,

[00:31:49] Dillon Sage: honestly. As much as I would love to say, like the ceiling better buddy bucket [00:32:00] better buddy healed.

[00:32:01] Like

[00:32:02] Dustin Hawes: what’s, what’s a better buddy heal, better shot selection, better efficiency. Like what you got to define better. I feel like

[00:32:08] Dillon Sage: the handling isn’t as bad as what we’ve been saying. Maybe like. The intelligence that Ojai shows gives me. Like, I, I think he could be a more efficient, better play-making version of buddy Hield that his top sealing performance and that bike, that is a really good player.

[00:32:32] If you can be a more efficient buddy Hield that defends at a high level, that’s like a, that’s a luxury that a lot of teams can’t afford. At any price, really? Because once you find one of those buddy Hield west Matthew type of guys, it’s like, he’s going to be on your team until he, he gets really injured.

[00:32:53] And you know, you have to make that price point is a price point decision.

[00:32:59] Dustin Hawes: Yeah, my, [00:33:00] my ceiling is someone you just mentioned. It is prime Wesley Matthews on the blazers. Think 20 13, 20 14, uh, just an absolute, uh, just dead I from, from downtown someone who brings it on the defensive end is a. Using his natural tools to become an all league defender, uh, someone who could essentially be the third best player in your starting lineup.

[00:33:25] Um, that’s where I think he maxes out at his as Wesley Matthews and we knew Wesley, you know, God bless him. You didn’t want him to put the ball on the fourth though, just catching shoot, play fantastic defense. And I thought, I think prime west is probably one of the best three and D players. The league has ever seen.

[00:33:40] I remember.

[00:33:42] Dillon Sage: Saying that he was the apple of my eye on that blazers team. Like he is. What do you think the chances are that he maxes out at that like a 2, 3, 4, 5% chance that he hits the west maps feeling 10%. And what do you think the chances is that [00:34:00] he’s just a Deadeye shooter that teams have to account for?

[00:34:04] Dustin Hawes: I mean, I think that’s over a 50% chance,

[00:34:06] Dillon Sage: so there’s a 50% chance that he hit that 75 percentile and your.

[00:34:11] Dustin Hawes: Yeah, I think I said he’s a very safe prospect. I like it. I mean, this needs to be more consistent. That’s all I want to see for him. Like, um, I think he should be a better free throw shooter than he is given his form and how well he shooting from three.

[00:34:25] And that’s gives me a little pause for concern because usually the statistic that NBA teams use to translate three point success in the pros. Isn’t three point percentage at the collegiate level, it’s at the free throw line. So 77%. Uh, good. It should be better for someone who we’re discussing in the same breath as buddy Hield and Wesley Matthews, and, you know, the likes of those types of three point shooters.

[00:34:52] So there are ways for him to improve, especially over the last stretch of, of this season. If

[00:34:58] Dillon Sage: he, if he, uh, [00:35:00] if Kansas wins at all and he is like the major component of it, is there a chance that he rises in your, uh, uh, opinion as a, uh, as a process?

[00:35:11] Dustin Hawes: Oh, absolutely. I mean, again, I still will like those other shooting guards better because of what they can do.

[00:35:17] And I think they have a, at least a year or two of development, uh, in them left or additional. But I think personally for OHI, he, he’s probably knocking on the doors of the late lottery if that happens. Yeah.

[00:35:31] Dillon Sage: I mean, shit. Let let let’s go, Kansas. I enjoy watching Kansas play basketball too. I think that they have, they have the players to do some, uh, really cool things offensively, like, I mean that, that team’s scores at a really high clip and plays at a good pace too.

[00:35:48] So I feel like they have the guard play and okay. Bigs, like they could make a tournament run and Ojai probably has to be a major player. Um, [00:36:00] since it’s tournament time now. Is there a player that we covered, that if they have that dominant, can they move up like majorly, like who is the biggest riser if they have a good tournament, uh, showing out of all the guys that we’ve talked about.

[00:36:17] Dustin Hawes: So we’ve talked about basically every one of the top 10, except for, for Ty Washington. So of the guys we’ve covered, um, I think you’re looking at Benedict madarin, I’m surprised he’s I still see a mocked late lottery. Like he used the player of the year in the pack. 12 Arizona ran through you’re

[00:36:34] Dillon Sage: looking at Tanka when you’re talking about that as the reference, I feel like they’re like one or two mocks behind.

[00:36:43] Dustin Hawes: Yeah. I mean, not a lot of, I mean, that’s the thing it’s like, we’re kind of drafted junkies right now. And I don’t think a lot of, uh, publications like sports illustrated or CVS, they’re putting up a mock drafts on a biweekly basis. They

[00:36:56] Dillon Sage: have the general though.

[00:36:59] Dustin Hawes: I feel like a [00:37:00] lot of people have. Ivy as, as, as the clear lead guard, when you’ve got, you know, Shaden sharp as the unknown, uh, Johnny Davis and AGA Griffin, uh, really high up there.

[00:37:11] And then there’s kind of Benedict Mather and just kind of back there. If Arizona wins it all and he is leading the charge, I think you’re going to see, I mean, I kind of don’t want that to happen because I want to draft him at 10 or 11, so I don’t want him to perform too well. Uh, but he he’s the guy that I could see.

[00:37:27] Um, really high if you’re looking for another kind of a dark horse, uh, Jalen Duran from Memphis, Memphis been playing good ball lately. Uh, especially if he goes up against, you know, a Gonzaga team or Auburn team, even Kentucky with Sheba, and he’s able to, uh, impact the game without really, you know, scoring the ball.

[00:37:48] NBA teams are going to see, okay. That, that translates. So I think he has a really high chance, um, to move up the boards and the opposite, uh, those duke, those duke kids, uh, band, Cero, and [00:38:00] Griffin. Um, they have just been playing some awful, awful basketball daily as a team, uh, probably should have even lost to Syracuse without buddy bay Haim, uh, yesterday and got embarrassed by Carolina, um, at Cameron indoor on coach K’s final game.

[00:38:15] Um, They need to figure it out. Um, I don’t know if it’s on those players, if it’s on the coaching staff, but just giving the ball to band Cero and clogging up the lane and him not being able to shake like he was in the earlier part of the season. Um, a little worrisome, if you’re, AIJ not being on the floor to close out games for him personally, that’s worrisome as well.

[00:38:36] I personally think he should be on the floor, but if he’s not, that’s like, okay, what’s, what’s kind of going on in here. So I really look at those two moving up and then those two. Uh, our players that I could see potentially, uh, move down a bit now, not a lot, like Palo’s probably not going to fall out of the top five, but I think you start to see more separation, especially if, uh, you know, Chet really has a good [00:39:00] performance.

[00:39:00] Cause I think Chet’s probably cemented in the top two. But he could maybe take over number one, if he goes up against a, another big and just shows the world what he’s capable of doing well, what do you think? I think Johnny

[00:39:15] Dillon Sage: Davis, like

[00:39:19] a lot of the draft sites that you look at have AIJ and have, uh, Uh, I V over him, if he just, if he, if Wisconsin wins it’s because of Johnny Davis just absolutely dominating possessions and hitting some tough shots. So you could see like if Wisconsin wins it all, I think Johnny Davis moves into that, that top five, um,

[00:39:47] Dustin Hawes: I mean he’s in my personal, personal top five. So, um, I, I see that Wisconsin team is buns and the fact that he was a first big 10 player of the year in the best conference in America. Um, that, that says a lot to [00:40:00] me. We forgot to mention a player that I don’t think neither of us are incredibly high on. I think I’m higher on, but if Keegan Murray goes on a run where he is able to.

[00:40:11] Do it in a, in a sense of not just, okay, I’m going to go in the paint and I’m going to punish smaller foes. But if he’s creating off of the bounce shooting, a lot of jumpers, um, defending at the level that we know he can, if, if I will go on a run, I was another team that’s I think lacking a lot of talent, but

[00:40:29] Dillon Sage: yeah, I think that’s going to be the tougher part is at least Johnny Davis has the ball in his hands.

[00:40:33] More. They have to work to get Keegan has touches in the spots that he liked.

[00:40:39] Dustin Hawes: Like, I think he can go top five, top six, if he has a really good, good run. I wouldn’t say I would take him. There that’s work. He would go. You’re looking at a possible national player of the year. If he gets them to the elite eight teams.

[00:40:51] Dillon Sage: Fair enough. I, I, I do agree that if I O does well, but I just don’t bet on Iowa because that team sucks without, [00:41:00] without the Murray’s. That team’s

[00:41:01] pretty

[00:41:01] Dustin Hawes: awful. I know, but we’re seeing a lot of bad basketball for him. Some supposedly good teams early on in these conference tournament. So it’s a crap shoot, bro.

[00:41:11] Dillon Sage: Yeah, it’s tough when like there’s players like Johnny and Keegan that are just like so incredibly better than the teammates surrounding them. If I was a opposing college coach on a going against Iowa, I would be like, all right, we’re just doubling what, what, let’s be aggressive in Keegan. Marie not beating us.

[00:41:38] I feel like Johnny Davis, just because he has the ball more can do, can potentially have that. We know that Wisconsin can not win the game without Johnny Davis, just his fingerprints everywhere. So yeah, I would say those two could be potential risers. Um, Like [00:42:00] the thing is like, if Eastern has a good, uh, thing, he could, there’s some players that the team’s just going to be such a net negative that even if they do that, the individual player does well, the team’s not like LSU has like three guards that shoot under 22% from three, like how are they going to, if they can’t, they have to like, play great defense and make it the.

[00:42:25] Dirtiest game ever. If a team jumps out to a huge advantage of what’s LSU going to do so there’s some, there’s just some teams that suck so bad that even if their star player does well, it might not matter. You have anything else you want to talk about or a all right. Um, are we doing the Baylor boys next?

[00:42:49] I believe so. All right. I like it. Um, Uh, enjoy the tournaments that are happening. There’s a lot of good college basketball out and with the trailblazers, a [00:43:00] really sad. This is a really good chance for people to get their first glance is that some of these players that we’ve talked about and other players that are going to do very well in these tournaments and in the, the, uh, actual tournament, I think the whole way backward is going to have a tournament challenge.

[00:43:19] So if you want to go up against us, we will be setting that up soon. Um, enjoy the rest of your Friday and onto the weekend. And we are.

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